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I enjoy listening to music, but I also like to make my own. I've played drums in several bands before and we've had the opportunity to record some of our songs. Check out Cruise Control for some of those songs. The music is rock-ish heavy-ish metal-ish, and all the members besides me were Thai, so the singing is mostly Thai.

I've also been tinkering with a program called Reason and I've made a couple electronic-is dance-ish techno-ish songs using that under the name dj3point2. You can preview some of these songs on YouTube: dj3point2 playlist on YouTube or use the embedded player below.

Click on a song title to download it:
ArtistSong TitleAlbumLengthFile Size
dj3point2 Submission 3:28 3.17 MB
dj3point2 Dar Akros (Club Mix) Audionautics 6:01 5.51 MB
dj3point2 Aerial Discharge Audionautics 4:35 4.20 MB
dj3point2 Meta Fix Nine Audionautics 3:33 3.26 MB
dj3point2 Outer Earth (Worm) 4:35 4.20 MB
dj3point2 Novus Scientia Audionautics 5:02 4.61 MB
Cruise Control New Clear World 2:35 3.56 MB
Cruise Control One Man Show 3:26 4.72 MB
Cruise Control Born in the Heart 3:23 4.65 MB
Cruise Control Go 260 3:33 4.88 MB

dj3point2 Playlist

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