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Member Since: Predating dates.
Invited by: Ralph van den Berg
Birthday: 15 November, 1984
Nationality: American

About Jeriah Frederick

Well shit, I'm a half Irish half Italian all determined motherfucker. I've known Ralph van den Berg most of my life and am a better person because of it. I currently live in Bellingham, Washington and am working at a premier ski resort, mainly for the sole reason of shredding everyday. I also write screenplays for a living, as well as produce my own independant films. I graduated high school in Chaing Mai, Thailand and sometimes I wish I had never left. While I stay active in the world of relationships, I have not experienced a truly rewarding one in awhile. Sometimes I wonder if this is my own fault or if it is simply that I will date anyone who intrigues me at first glance. Ah well, there's got to be some mystery left to life. Otherwise, I just live life one day at a time which is really the only way you can contrary to popular belief. I believe music to be the language of the soul, and film to be a window into self perception.

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