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Ramblings by Michael Robert Meister

Oishi Coffee on the Go!
posted: 14 Jan, 2009
Good Coffee in Krabi Thailand!
posted: 6 Dec, 2008
Payap Coffee
posted: 3 Nov, 2008
posted: 28 Oct, 2008
Coffee on the Go!
posted: 10 Sep, 2008
Coffee in Thailand
posted: 23 Aug, 2008
Wawee quite excellent coffee!
posted: 7 Aug, 2008
Wawee Coffee
posted: 20 Jul, 2008
Great Coffee at Airport Plaza
posted: 30 Jun, 2008
Today at Starbucks
posted: 17 May, 2008

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Mister Coffee ManYou know that when somebody needs to know something about coffee, they will come to you! You are the resident coffee expert at RalphvandenBerg.com now.

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