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Christmas Special: WTF?

Ah, Christmas is coming soon. Expecting some good presents. But wait, what the hell is it all about? I think we can dismiss the "Baby Jesus" thing, because that's really New Years. So what's with the jolly fat guys?

Let me tell you a secret; Santa Clause is not real! It's pretty easy to figure that one out. Did you know, in The Netherlands they have a much more realistic version of Santa. There are the basics; presents for the kids, candy, chimney, festivities, but much more believable. See, in The Netherlands, we (did I mention I'm Dutch?) have Saint Nicholas, or commonly known as Sinterklaas, and we party 20 days earlier on December 5. Now I'll make a few comparisons, and you'll find out which one is more legitimate.
  1. Santa lives on the North Pole, Sinterklaas lives in Spain.
  2. Santa comes flying in on a sleigh, Sinterklaas has a boat. (You could actually fit more presents on a boat!)
  3. Santa has magical reindeer, Sinterklaas has a horse.
  4. Santa fits his old, fat ass down every chimney, Sinterklaas has hundreds of black people to do it for him. (They turn black from the ashes in the chimney.)
  5. Santa dumps all your presents under a tree, or in a sock, Sinterklaas's helpers deliver to your front door.
Now you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Sinterklaas get's you just as many presents, and it's fine for kids to believe in! Sinterklaas is actually based on a historical figure that was nice to kids, and this festival is in his memory. This way the Dutch can actually truly focus on the Jesus thing during christmas. But they don't... They do the Santa thing... Even after the Sinterklaas thing...

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Comment by Kendall Meade

Posted on 5 January, 2008
lol, what the hell, they go down the chimney to deliver presents to your front door? where the hell do they put the doorbell ringers in holland?

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 5 January, 2008
no man, the sweets and stuff get delivered through the chimney, for a whole week or so. the big load of presents comes at the end of the week to your front door

Comment by Jeriah Frederick

Posted on 8 January, 2008
ok. i have to say a few things here. first this was exceptionally hilarious just like my comment on the shit show from holland's rap underground. and also, why the fuck can't you comment more than once on these damn things. are we trying to stifle creativity here?! tell me it's a glitch and i can comment on this again.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 8 January, 2008
You can comment on something more than once if you like. I just assume that you'll only comment on something once, but if you want to post another comment on the same Rambling after you've just posted one, just refresh the page, and you can comment again.

Comment by Atikin

Posted on 16 June, 2008
first of all Saint Nicholas isn't celebrated on the 5th but on the 6th of December and Santa is made up by the Coca Cola company. When New York was fairly new it was highly populated with Dutch people and they brought with them the tradition of Saint Nicholas. After a while the tradition degenerated to a variant of St Nicholas. That man apparently had a white costume. The one in charge of the commercializing of Coca Cola was told to find a way to make the American people drink Coca Cola in the winter as well (since it was a summer drink) and he took the idea of Saint Nicholas, gave him the fat jolly look and the red clothes and voila Santa Claus was born ^^

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 16 June, 2008
Was this when they still had cocaine in coke?

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