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So that was 2011

The year has gone by quickly. We had good times and bad times. Let's look back and, off the top of my head, check out some of the things that stand out.


Bangkok is still dealing with the floods and I wish them all the best for the coming year while trying to recover. About a week before, though, we had a 2 day flood crisis up in Chiang Mai too. Water rose quickly and it came within inches of testing my sandbag barrier inside my front door. It was quite a stressful time. I know it doesn't hold a flame to what's happened in the south, but it's definitely one of the major events in my year.


I've been very active on my Youtube channel. In recent months I've uploaded over 100 videos and I'm still going strong. We'll see what it turns into in 2012. Here's a little piece of fact- I think you can look back and detect a serious drop of activity on RalphvandenBerg.com, Twitter and Facebook since I'm voicing all my stuff on Youtube.


I've been (re-)introduced to Beercamp and Barcamp this year. It's a great community of similar minded people and a sweet new excuse to go out for beers! Beercamp is open for everyone but if you're not into computers in some way you might not fit in as well. Also, beer.


With better finances and transportation comes better recreational mobility. Big words, I just mean I'm getting out of the house more often and visiting some destinations for the sake of getting out of the house. My girlfriend likes to take pictures and if you got me on Facebook, you'll know what I mean.


Some great games this year. Minecraft definitely makes the list. Skyrim is another (late comer) contender for a major time suck. This kind of goes hand in hand with the Youtube entry above because most of what I do is upload gameplay commentary videos.

What else?

There are probably many things that I'll think of later and I might mention them in the comments below. If you have some awesome (good or bad) moments or features from 2011 and you want to share- use the comments below!

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