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AH!! Computers!!

If the 3 major computer companies (Windows, Linux, Apple) were going to make a drawing program, where you'd have to color the spaces in between the lines, Linux would first say: lines? Linux is not for kids, there are no lines. Then when you get on your Windows powered computer and start your art, you get a warning when you cross some of the lines asking if you want to stop, go back, or just continue. Naturally this would result in many of us making a mess of our drawing. This isn't the case on the Mac. Whenever you even get close to one of these lines, the Apple computer disqualifies you from the competition. This is very frustrating for many of us, because we're not even competing!

This brings out the characteristics of these systems. Mac treats the users like little kids, or even kindergarteners. There is no option of thinking outside the box (drawing outside the lines). This is a particularly touchy analogy, because most people would say the Apple computers are better at the multimedia stuff. Windows gives the users more responsibility. More of "Ok, I see you're drawing outside the lines, I'm not responsible for an ugly picture". Linux is when the teacher leaves the room, and all the kids start painting the floor, ceilings, walls, and each other.

Now where do you see yourself? Do you want your teacher to take away your paper every time or do you want to redecorate the classroom. It's not a question of what system is better, but more of what kind of user/abuser you are.

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Comment by Kendall Meade

Posted on 28 January, 2008
Linux isn't a company. good analogy anyway, though. here's another one, based on, of all things, family: linux is the rebellious teenage kid that doesn't want to do anything with the family, windows is the overbearing presbyterian born again dad that wants everything to look more exciting than it is, and mac is that quirky gay uncle everybody sems to have one of, and who makes stupid things seem more exciting to young kids and retards than it should be. pick one to suit your personality.

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