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The Path to Millionairism

I have to admit, Millionairism isn't really a word, but it's not hard to imagine the meaning of it. For a summarized version, there are 2 basic steps: first you have to come up with a great idea, or steal it from someone else. Then you have to figure out how to sell it, either once for a lot of money, or many times for still a lot of money. The latter is more challenging, because if you remember step 1, somebody will probably come along and steal your great idea. I think at least 80% of the worlds great ideas that turned people into millionaires were stolen from people who were slow to monetize on it. Many people try to patent something, but that takes time, and usually there are ways around it. On most occasions it's very simple to just modify the patented great idea and call it your own. More to come after the commercial break.

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Welcome back to "The Path to Millionairism", where you can learn to be a millionaire. Many people have the wrong idea about being a millionaire; they think that just having a million of a type of currency makes them one, but that's not precise. Actually, a real millionaire only needs to make 84 grand per month, because a millionaire is defined as someone having a yearly salary over a million. That kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn't it? Don't worry, as long as that 84 thousand is in a strong currency, you'll be OK! Don't bother moving to Burma where being a millionaire is someone who earns minimum wage in western countries. Being a millionaire is not about being a millionaire; it's about purchasing power! You see a car you like, you buy it; you see something you like on the menu, you don't bother looking over to the right side of the page (where the prices are written), you just order it! That's the beauty of being a millionaire.

Now how do we get there? There are several things you need. They aren't requirements, but they will help a lot. Firstly: innovation. This is creating (or stealing) that great idea. Next we'll need skill, knowledge, and top it off with hard work. Give it a couple of years, adding a touch of luck here and there, and BANG, you're a millionaire. It's quite simple isn't it? I don't know why people are still poor all around the world.

I'm not hoping that this was helpful to you, because I suspect it is. I do fear that this was not the answer you were looking for. I think you wanted to hear something like "even dumb lazy people can become millionaires" (possible, but you'll need a hell of a lot of luck), but nope. I've just told you what you knew, but didn't know you knew until you've finished reading this.

Don't miss the evening special: Working at Home- asking your boss if you can move into the office. Take care for now, and don't complain!

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Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 5 June, 2008
Here's a great idea: 48 hour deo protection. Call it "Pit Boss"

Comment by Toh Phromchitmart

Posted on 11 June, 2008
I agree with Ralph,a good start is 50 % chance of winning and the future is determind by the present.

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