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Wawee Coffee

Wawee coffee is a great place to study at, I have had the pleasure of studying at this coffee shop by Payap University for a long time already. The ambience is cool and is very well ventilated as well. Also since I have been writing other reports I usally still stop at my other coffee joints as well such as: Starbucks, Wawee, Coffee World, and Doi-Tung Coffee house as well. There have also been indeed an explosion of new and improved coffe houses since the first time that our family moved to Chiang-Mai Thailand oh so many years ago. Well if you are interested in having a sip of coffee might I suggest a good place at Doi-Tung or near the river as well there is a lovely Wawee shop their as well!

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Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 21 July, 2008
Don't forget to mention that Wawee Coffee shops all have WiFi, although it's not free to use.

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