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Responsibility and Stupidity

Maybe there is something wrong with me. One part of my paradigm is that each individual is responsible for his or her own actions. I believe that laws, regulations, and rules should be put in place to protect people from the actions of others. People who disobey these laws should be held accountable.

But what about these laws that do not protect people from the actions of others? You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that attempt to protect people from themselves. Why do governments think that it is their responsibility to protect me from myself? If I do not want to or am too stupid to wear my seatbelt or helmet, that's my prerogative. Under the law, vehicles should have things brakes and insurance to protect those the driver may hit. But if someone wants to have a steering wheel protruding out of his spine, or turn himself into a human cannonball, let him. People should not kill themselves; it is bad for their health, but so is drinking, smoking, and unprotected sex. In fact, drinking, smoking, and unprotected sex are a lot more harmful to others than killing yourself is, and yet they're not illegal, but things like not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seatbelt, and suicide are.

Do not get me wrong. I am not promoting stupidity or suicide. Quite the contrary; I am suggesting that we abolish all the laws that aim to play mommy with society. This would effectively weed out the major idiots in society using their own self destructive tendencies. It's called natural selection. Monkeys who are too stupid to grab the next vine, fall to the jungle floor and go splat. Therefore they will not get the chance to make lots of stupid baby monkeys. You don't see a bunch of the old monkeys sitting down and making laws about vine swinging. So what I am suggesting is that we allow self destructive stupidity in order to eliminate it.

The key is education. I am not so cold hearted that I am not saddened by people who are victims of themselves. But it is not my fault, and it is not the government's fault. Ultimately, it is the self destructive individual's own fault. Children should learn what is dangerous in this world from their parents and in school. When this is not enough for those thick-skulled among us, there is the education that comes from witnessing other's destruction. If you were a monkey seeing another monkey fall to the jungle floor and go splat, you would most likely make sure you always grabbed the next vine. The problem is that there is not enough parental education going on these days nor are there enough "monkeys going splat" to get people to change.

If someone is dumber than a jar of pickles, and does not learn from others' mistakes, there is one possible last chance for them before destruction, and that is surviving. Surviving a fatal mistake of your own can be the best education you could ever get. The saying: "You don't know that fire is hot until you get burned" illustrates this point perfectly. So let people make mistakes if they must.

So what you and everyone can do is to learn, teach, watch, show, and live and let die.

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Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 24 July, 2008
It's true (read: sad) that we are living in a world where survival of the fittest doesn't count anymore. It turned into more of a survival of the richest, or in some cases, survival of a specific race. This is extremely counter productive and I don't see anything like X-Men or Heroes happening (evolutionary advancements don't happen anymore). It's a vicious cycle with education too, because the only good jobs (good money) are given to those who went to good schools, and they're schools that aren't free! Anyway, I do believe that a slow filtering-out-of-the-stupid is happening, except sometimes the slowness of it might be a bit frustrating, and we might want to speed things up a bit. You know, push comes to shove...

Comment by Kendall Meade

Posted on 27 July, 2008
you know, I played a game one time (a pen and paper role-playing game) that had a city in it. in this city (called Nexus), there were no laws relating to the way people were to treat each other: it was figured that if you killed somebody, and his friend killed you for it, well, you both needed to buy weapons to kill each other, right? and you got what you had coming, so everybody would win- it would promote business all around, which was taxed, and the guys in charge would just make more money on it. that was a pretty stupid idea, all around, but it had a good point- people should be free to bear the consequences of their own actions, no matter what those actions might be, or what the consequences might be.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 28 July, 2008
An interesting thing could be implemented to take care of the dumbasses that don't wear helmets: If you hit one of them on the street, you don't even have to stop. You or your insurance don't have to pay anything, and the dumbass that got hit, if not dead yet, doesn't get any free medical treatment. If you take it yet one step further, there should be a kind of bounty, where people can collect cash rewards for "weeding out" the dumbasses in society, making it a better place to live! Imagine: "Hey guys, the beer's on me tonight. I got 4 dumbasses on the way here!" It could become some kind of sport, I suspect some people might like this system.

Comment by Toh Phromchitmart

Posted on 19 August, 2008
Yeah their stupidity is in their instince already,look at their face and their action.So damn stupid.

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