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MyHome - Powered by RalphvandenBerg.com is a page that you can customize the way you like. As a member you can use this as your homepage, and make your internet experience smoother, easier and better.


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Simple searching is one of the main activities of people online. Now you can search for what you need straight out of MyHome using many of the popular search engines.

To include or remove particular searches, simply turn them "on" or "off" in the "customize" section of MyHome.

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Choose which news feeds you would like to display on MyHome, so that you won't miss important news stories. You can pick from a selection that is always getting better, and you can easily change contents if you get bored of a particular feed.

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You can create links and organize them in three drop-down menus, so that web pages that you visit often will be just one click away. These links will be available on any computer that you log in to, so you can think of it like a portable bookmark carrier.

To add links to your drop down menus, click on "edit / add" on the bottom of the drop down menu you want to make changes to. You will see a window where you can stick new links in, remove old links, or simply shift them around. The formatting for a successful link is: url Name of your Link (the url first, then a space, and then the name of the link as you want it to appear in the menu). For an empty slot just type break so you can easily group sets of links.

Topping it off, you can customize the looks of MyHome by going to the "customize" page, and choosing colors and settings that best suit your preferences. For example, you can set it so that all links automatically open up in new windows or tabs.

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MyHome is a feature which is for members of RalphvandenBerg.com only. To take full advantage of this tool, make sure you log in here first, or if you aren't a member yet, anybody can join for free.

Check it out:

Improvements will be happening all the time. I am one of the faithful users of MyHome, and I will always be looking for ways to make it better! If you have questions or suggestions, please put them in the comments below.

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Comment by Toh Phromchitmart

Posted on 19 August, 2008
Ralph set the web i gace you also,can you make online user as well.It would be great.

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