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I make websites. Most of the time I make websites to try out some new coding I've learned or to improve this site or other sites that I run as a hobby, but sometimes I'm lucky enough to find somebody who'll financially compensate me to do what I already like to do. I specialize in PHP, but I'm rapidly developing my Javascript skills to create AJAX enabled website projects. Naturally I'm also proficient in HTML and CSS.

This website is hosted at HostMonster.com (I recommend it)

Here is an overview of some of the websites I'm currently working on or have completed. Note that some of the sites are no longer existent so I cannot provide a URL. If you are interested in having a website made, you are very welcome to contact me.

RalphvandenBerg.com [current version]


This is the website you're looking at now. It's the third version of my personal website. The main focus of this website are "the Ramblings", which is like a multi-user blog. Members can communicate with each other through comments or messages.

RalphvandenBerg.com [older versions]


As stated above, there were previous versions of this website. Older versions had less functionality and the looks were less appealing. Each time the website went to the next phase, many newly acquired skills went into the design and programming.

Inside Chiang Mai


This website originally started off as a platform to test out some hotel affiliates but has become much more since then. Find out all you need to know when you travel to this beautiful city in Thailand. Featuring insider information, hotel and tour booking, and other tips on ensuring a pleasant stay in Chiang Mai. Everything you'll read there is written by a long term resident- me.

I am planning on making this more a social type website. I don't think I'll take it as far as having users that log in, but I do like to see what visitors to this website have to say about Chiang Mai.

Dining inside Chiang Mai


Dining Inside Chiang Mai is, as you may have guessed, a restaurant guide for my favorite city in the world. In effect, it is a new and improved version of Nightlife.InsideChiangMai.com with a different theme. If I can find the time for it, I'll fix the afore mentioned to work like this one does.

Some of the most interesting aspects of this site are the tags that link everything together and the components that can extend the functionality of a venue's page. This improves SEO, and with components I can easily add new features without tearing the site apart.

Nightlife inside Chiang Mai


As an addon to the above website (Inside Chiang Mai), the nightlife section will be a free listing of as many nightlife venues as possible, and allow visiters to the website to comment and award points to the venues without having to register or log in as a member.

It is still a work in progress, and you may not see many venues and comments until later.

fickle gods


Originally I just thought fickle gods would be a cool band name, or any name for that matter. I decided to register the domain name and work from there. In a complete natural order of things, I decided to work on the logo first, and then decide what I'd actually want for the website. Turns out it's not so different from this one now.

This website, while keeping it's minimalistic looks, runs on Wordpress. Comments are handled by Facebook, mainly for testing purposes.

Drupal Test


I've heard people mentioning that they really liked it and that it's also a very convenient option to offer customers as a website solution, so I decided to give Drupal a shot. The sole purpose of this site is to try out the Drupal CMS (content management system) and extend / modify / break it as much as I can so that one day it'll pay off in the form of cash. Have a look there if you're interested, there is some exclusive content on that site.



I've created a nice little list for myself of software I frequently download to install on computers. Instead of scouring the internet each time, I've combined them into a single location that I can use and recommend to friends and colleagues.

Ralph's Site


This is my old website, when I was still free-hosting. As far as I know, it's still in existence, but I don't update anything anymore. I'm actually displeased with all the advertising schemes they implemented on that website. At least here I'm the one profiting from all the advertisements!

You might see that some of the earliest Ramblings date back to this first website of mine. Back then, there was no community, and each Rambling was hard-coded into HTML. This is primitive and the members and me are glad that it's gotten much easier now.

Greenfresh Innovation


Greenfresh Innovation is the sole distributor of Xyrex products in Thailand and most of the rest of South East Asia. I've done three versions of it already, and I'm planning on making a fourth version. It's the same deal here as with this website; I learn new things, and to implement them in a non-messy way, it's best to just start over.

Horeca Supply


Horeca is the leading distributor of food and non-food products in the five main provinces of Northern Thailand. Horeca also provides services such as training, food and beverage tasting, and expositions.

Highlights on this website are on the homepage. It features very prominent Facebook and Twitter widgets which are Javascript based, but I've made sure some server side caching is done for the search engines.

Horeca Supply Online Catalog


The Horeca online catalog is a AJAX heavy website in dual language setup with support for more languages. Browse the item lists, create your own custom lists and export them to PDFs. Login is required but your can take a peek using a guest account. Interface is designed to mimic a desktop experience.

Expat Auto Chiang Mai


Expat Auto Chiang Mai is a second hand car dealer that restores and caters to the foreigner community in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. Long term rentals are also a possibility and you can add your car for sale on consignment if you need to.

Jaguar Tours North Thailand


Jaguar Tours provide a very special kind of experience for visitors and locals in Northern Thailand. Take part in a road trip with classic Jaguars and sleep in top hotels along the way. Visit the website for more details.

Thai Herb


Freeze dried herbs that provide special treatments for your health. These products are available in various forms including one popular facial mask.

Operation: Feeding Faces


Operation: Feeding Faces is working together with Artimus to help the victims of the flooding in Bangkok and surrounding areas. Visit the website to learn more about how you can help make a difference and contribute to these efforts.



LetsGPS adds to your tourist experience by putting GPS devices preloaded with popular points of interest on vehicles for rent. Get your motorbikes or cars with a digital tour guide accompanying you on single day or multiple day tours.



A small crew of Burmese, Thai and Canadians are building schools in the rural areas of Southeast Asia. Children are given school uniforms, books, and teachers to give them a chance at receiving an education.

Embassy Club


The Embassy Club is a private members' club with a 24-hour concierge service, and part of Thailand's leading luxury lifestyle group. With representatives in almost every major town and thousands of suppliers nationwide, The Embassy Club can hand you the virtual keys to any location.

Galae Thong Bistro


Galae Thong Bistro is a Belgian restaurant that serves European food but also does Thai fusions quite well. It is open all day and features free wireless internet and specials every Friday. See the website for more details.

Ridgley's Pizza - Subs - Ribs


An old friend from high school has come back to Chiang Mai after his studies and has opened his own restaurant. It may be a little ways out of town (and you'll drive right past if you don't pay attention) but don't let that stop you. He has managed to surpass many expectations!

In Focus Real Estate


If you are looking to buy or rent property in Thailand then this website should be your first stop. In Focus Real Estate features houses, condominiums, land and commercial property at great prices. Be sure to check back often because new properties are added quite often.



I display here a list of affiliate programs that I recommend, and I encourage visitors to join too. Each program is accompanied by a short description and some personal comments by me. Check it out if you're interested in making some money online.



Now featuring a fully functional store powered by Amazon.com. Find books, music, programs, and much more here. Shopping security is garuanteed by Amazon.com. If you're looking for something to buy, why not take a look here first?

Rent Condos in Chiang Mai


If you're interested in staying in a luxurious condominium in Chiang Mai, than look no further. 2 condos, fully furnished in western style, with fully equipped kitchens, furnished bedrooms and living rooms, and even a home theatre are here at the reach of your mouse. The website features fading javascript photo galleries and an image marqee to display the pictures of these beautiful apartments.

Inspired Planet


This is not a website that I started. Rather I've been recruited to update and fix many parts of it. This has been quite a tedious job, considering the prehistoric design methods used. The website does contain very interesting items for sale from all over the world, such as religious icons, statues, emblems, and cultural items.

Lodging Here


A teacher at my university approached me and asked how much I charged to make websites. At that time, I had never charged anything, but it seemed like that was the time to start. For a small fee, I started my profession as a web designer, and created this "jacket" for a hotel booking affiliate.

Ibiza Delight, Ibiza Light, Ibiza Joy


Here you can book a stay in a beautiful house on Ibiza. Check out the website for up-to-date calendars on when this location is vacant, and then use the form (choice of 5 languages) to contact the owner.

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