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About me

Hello, everybody! Welcome to my website. On this page I'll write a bit about myself, but you could also visit some of my social media pages if you like.
Alternatively, you can contact me through this web form.
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Portrait: Ralph van den Berg (old paint)

Brief History

I was born in France, my parents lived there at the time, but after a few months into my life, we all moved to The Netherlands. I went to school there until I was nine, when my parents decided it would be a good idea to move to Thailand. The reason for moving was mainly business oriented, and we planned to only live in Thailand for three years. Plans changed, and we're still living in Thailand.

Before we moved, my brother was born on my second birthday (yes, his birthday is also October 2nd!), and three or so years after that my sister was born. With the exception of cats, dogs, birds, fish, and chickens, our family consists of five members.

So then in Thailand I finished up high school, 3 years at Lanna International School, and the rest at CMIS. Straight after graduating from high school, I enrolled in Payap University- International College, studying Computer Information Systems. After graduation I started working for a food and beverage distribution company doing mostly IT work and tons of odd jobs. I do freelance webdesign on the side.

I've also started making webpages professionally, read more about that in Web Projects.

What I like

You may have noticed that I somewhat enjoy making websites. I keep coming out with new projects, but you'll have to check out the Web Projects page for that. I'm trying out different things here and there, and one day I hope to make a decent living off it.

I also enjoy making music. I used to be in a little underground rock band with a couple of the coolest Thai guys you'll ever meet. The band kind of fell apart when most of the members started getting jobs, and they didn't have any time to come to practises. I still make some music on my own, though. I have a nice little program called Reason, and it lets you complilate some nice songs if you know how to use it. Check out the Media page to download some of my songs and decide for yourself if you think I'm any good.

In the evenings I enjoy hanging out with some of my good friends, having a drink, and discussing all about everything in the world. It's not uncommon for Ramblings, new web projects, or great business ideas to come from those discussions.

I also enjoy good movies, whether I watch them in the theatre, rent them, or download them. This part usually ties in quite well with the previous paragraph, when my friends and I have a drink and put on a movie, some funny sitcoms, or Top Gear (we'll watch all the episodes at least twice). Sometimes we even just pre-load 5 million YouTube clips and watch those if there's nothing better available.

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Jeric Goodsman wrote: "Hey Ralph, it's been a long time. I was feeling nostalgic today in class so I searched for your name and low and behold! I found your site ;) I attended Lanna International with you for a while, I hope Michael is doing well, and your sister as well (never did remember her name)"
(20 Mar, 2009)
Cole wrote: "hey homey, is this the best way to chat with you? I have misplaced your email, and my web access to the site you made me. oops. i trust you are well. Wow, glad to hear the people have power. AND take action."
(30 Aug, 2008)
Benny wrote: "Hello old man, I like your website....amazingly professional...i mean, of course you are a pro at it now, but compared to your last site (which was also good) this one has got features inside-out! :)"
(9 Jul, 2008)
Toh Phromchitmart wrote: "I like the sahde of light on the letter so cool also this new look is more peofessional hope it's getting better and better everlasting stand."
(18 Jun, 2008)
Ralph van den Berg wrote: "Hey everybody! How do you like the new design of RalphvandenBerg.com?"
(31 May, 2008)
Kendall Meade wrote: "http://www.humsurfer.com/view/watch-postal-the-movie-online-for-free-download-full-movie-free this is an interesting site to look at in terms of web design. also, make these text boxes bigger, it's really a pain in the ass to type in this little strip. I'm not asking for microsoft word here, just wanna be able to see what I've written. did I put that link in yet? I can't see it, so I'm going to post it again. http://www.humsurfer.com/view/watch-postal-the-movie-online-for-free-download-full-movie-free there, go look at that before I have to past it ... no, no, too late, I can't see the link anymore, I'm gonna post it once more just to be safe http://www.humsurfer.com/view/watch-postal-the-movie-online-for-free-download-full-movie-free :)"
(15 May, 2008)
Cole wrote: "Ralph. good to see your site getting some air time, I'd like to see more pictures up here, current evetns, ones of you, the scene in CM etc. Also I have an idea, I was recently solicitted by a major US tv show to be featured because I live off the grid. This is a great opportunity for exposure to a very large audience, so I am interested in very quickly adding members to my homestead. All you have to do is be willing to be interviewed about environmental matters, and living more sustainably. I plan to say many people live here, and they also, travel, another part of thriving wisely with our planets resources is being diverse right? Just a thought, whadaya think? feel free to share this with your readers. cole I"
(16 Mar, 2008)
Ralph van den Berg wrote: "Join (become a member), so you can comment and post things too!"
(8 Jan, 2008)

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