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Score: 156
Member Since: Predating dates.
Invited by: Ralph van den Berg
Birthday: 14 July, 1984
Nationality: Thai

Ramblings by Toh Phromchitmart

The man who can't be moved
posted: 31 Aug, 2008
Flying Ductchman !!!!!
posted: 13 Jun, 2008
Are you a goose boy ? Episode1
posted: 12 Jun, 2008
Plan B
posted: 11 Jun, 2008
Ruam Mid !!!!!
posted: 1 Feb, 2008
Best Poem of 2006
posted: 27 Jan, 2008
Stay in the Game
posted: 3 Jan, 2008

Public Messages

Expert on Soccer / FootballI have to say soccer / football... because most visitors to this website are from America and they are the only country that calls it soccer. Now if people have questions about the Eurocup they can ask you, for example, why the hell Holland lost to Russia?!?

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