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Stuff you should be watching

Maybe you don’t turn your TV on at the right times or you’re sitting at your computer with your cursor blinking in the search field of your favorite torrent finder. If you aren’t sure what’s good, I’m going to give you my suggestions. I’m not claiming these are the best, because I don’t have time to give every TV show a fair chance, but here’s what I like and why. I try to keep the descriptions short so as not to spoil anything major.

Sons of Anarchy

Currently on Season 3
The Sons of Anarchy are a motorbike gang in California dealing mostly in guns from Ireland. It features a pretty good list of actors including Katey Sagal, Tommy Flanagan and Ron Perlman. The storyline revolves mostly around Jax and his struggles with his (step-) parents, newborn son, and the moral directions of the club itself.

I would call Sons of Anarchy an Action-Drama. I enjoy it because it’s cool. I know “cool” is a very ambiguous word, but in fact the whole motorbike gang thing is “cool”. The story is very well written, keeping you always wanting for the next episode.


Currently on Season 4
Chuck is a tech-support guy at a Buy More who accidentally got the entire computer database of the CIA and NSA implanted into his brain. This makes him a very valuable asset to both agencies and both appoint agents to protect him and take him out to see if the intelligence stored in his head “flashes” on things during missions.

The thing I really enjoy while watching Chuck is how the characters have a very good dynamic together. Chuck, his sister and her boyfriend, his co-workers and friends, and the agents really are a fun bunch and I like seeing how they handle their situations. It’s got a fair distribution of comedy and action and a bit of romance every now and then.

Big Bang Theory

Currently on Season 4
The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom of a small group of high-IQ scientist guys slightly lacking in social skills (potential understatement) and one pretty blond who moved in across the hall. It becomes very obvious that a certain level of genius can easily be mistaken as retarded in different fashions.

The reason I watch this show is for laughs. Even though it involves geniuses who occasionally discuss quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, you don’t need to really think too much- just let yourself be entertained like when you watched Friends or something.

The Event

Currently on Season 1
The Event is a mystery story involving conspiracies, assassination attempts, kidnappings and an alien race with mystical powers, half of which live in captivity by the government and the other half living secretly among the humans. As you progress through the episodes more mysteries are brought to your attention while the current mysteries are being addressed to some extent. It’s a safe bet that fans of Lost will like The Event.

I like The Event because I liked Lost. Strange story arcs and weird turns in the plot are what keeps me hooked.


Currently on Season 6
Futurama is a animated comedy series set in the year 3,000. Those familiar with the Simpsons will recognize a similar style and dynamic put in a completely different setting with very different characters. The main characters are employed by a mad scientist as an interplanetary delivery crew including a one-eyed mutant (Katey Sagal!), a lobster-type alien, a robot fueled by alcoholic beverages, and Fry who is originally from our time but was cryogenically frozen for 1,000 years by accident.

I like Futurama for the same reasons I like the Simpsons, but more because of the hilarious surprises that the creators spring on you as a result of it being the year 3,000 and all. You know, aliens and parallel universes and whatnot.

What do you enjoy watching? Please share your recommendations in the comments below.

Update: Check out Some more things to watch for some more recommendations.

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Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 28 November, 2010
I just want to make a small disclaimer. Some of the information I provided may not hold true after watching more as the story changes, etc.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 1 December, 2010
So this week the season finale of Sons of Anarchy airs, but there are 2 shows just beginning that should easily fill your time: Top Gear US and Walking Dead. (I haven't seen either of them yet, but it should be worth a try)

Comment by Marion Jude

Posted on 4 December, 2010
Top Gear U.S. blows! They've tried to copy every aspect of the UK show but missing the most crucial elements: Jeremy, James and Richard.

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