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Windows 7 Black Shark Wallpaper

My previous Windows 7 Shark wallpaper has been quite a success story here on RalphvandenBerg.com and so I decided to create a follow up version. This new version still has the shark, but you could say it's turned from day to night. Actually as of now I'm nearing the end of the Beta testing period. At the end of the month I will be forced to do a fresh install of windows. This "black" version of my shark wallpaper could once again have a slight metaphorical significance.

Windows 7 Black Shark Wallpaper

I've done two sizes of this wallpaper to accommodate for different monitor sizes. As always, I'm open for comments, suggestions and requests. Enjoy!

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Comment by Antonius L. Zubeck

Posted on 9 March, 2010
Nice work dude.

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