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Firefox IS Better

I used to be a dedicated IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) guy. I liked the way it worked. Recently, though, I've fully switched over to Firefox. I've had Firefox installed before, but I still used IE as my default browser, until one day I saw the light. I imported all my favorites and settings into Firefox, and set it as my default browser. I have no regrets about this. Firefox just is the better browser, for many reasons.

For Regular People

Firefox is faster and more secure than other browsers. Tests have been done to prove this. During some of these experiments, IE crashed so hard that it couldn't even complete the test.
There are also so many things you can do to customize it to make it do everything the way you want it to. From around the net you can find Add-ons and Skins for Firefox to change or add to the power or just to change the look. To tell you something funny, I've actually found a few skins that make Firefox look exactly like IE (myFireFox, for those who are going to miss it.
Firefox also comes built in with a spell-checker. This is when you're typing Ramblings, for example, it underlines the words you got wrong in red, same as Word, and gives you choices of the correct spelling. This also comes paired with auto completing. Firefox detects fields such as "Email:" and "Name:" and lets you know that you can let Firefox fill those in for you.

For Web Designers

There are some great tools out there that you stick onto Firefox as Add-ons to aid you in your web development. I know that if there was a problem in my code and I tried the page with IE, it would tell me so. In Firefox it would actually tell me the type of problem (whenever possible) and the line in the code that it occurs in. This is one of the many benefits of the 2 add-ons I have installed: Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar.

For Everybody

Firefox now is the most popular browser used in the world. I can partially prove this by what I see through Google Analytics. More than 65% of the visitors to my websites use Firefox, while the remaining 35% use other browsers including IE. After some time of using Firefox steadily, I do start noticing how much faster it is, and the greater ease of browsing the World Wide Web.
Tabbed browsing is also done better in Firefox. You can even get an Add-on to make it even more better-der-er. I've done it and it's superb. One part of Firefox tabs is what I enjoy the most. Do you even accidentally close a tab? We all do, but in Firefox you have a sub-section in the history where you can recover "recently closed tabs". Them Firefox developers are amazing!
For more information, you can always do a search on the "benefits of Firefox". You'll be amazed at all the good things you find in the results.

Recommended Add-ons

There are probably many more that I haven't discovered yet, but I'm sure we'll all hear about it in the comments, along with your recommendations and experiences with Firefox.

Speeding up Firefox:

Check out Cutting Up a Dog on Fire: a guide to hacking Firefox

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Comment by Annie

Posted on 12 June, 2008
yeah Firefox is nice, I was and still am a big fan but somebody may think otherwise. It may seem the whole world is using Firefox but statistics shows that nearly 75% netizens still use IE. There a new version of IE launched (just) which is called the IE7 Pro which powers up IE with many features and functions that were limited to other browsers including session manager, prefetching and mouse gestures, auto-scrolling, webpage capture(screenshot), automatic privacy cleaning, session restore, and etc. No offend to Firefox users. I am just testing this IE7 Pro. and seems a good new gadget for me. Anyways, I have to try to see what's good and not saying that Firefox is bad, I am Firefox fan too but I love technology so I will grade this new IE 4.5 stars. Cheers.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 15 June, 2008
You know something, tomorrow Firefox 3 comes out. They want as many people as possible to download it at the same time to make an attempt a world record.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 16 June, 2008
Today's the day. Everybody download Firefox!!!

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 16 June, 2008
The official time for "Firefox downlaod day" starts Tuesday 10 AM PDT, that's midnight Tuesday - Wednesday for us here in Thailand. I'm almost a bit dissapointed, I thought I'd have the new Firefox today... I guess we'll have to wait till midnight...

Comment by Annie

Posted on 17 June, 2008
Firefox 3 launched Today with memory handling improvement and cool bars. Just got it downloaded and installed. Sweet! Cheers.

Comment by Annie

Posted on 17 June, 2008
ok. here's what I've tested with the Firefox 3 candidate 3 version (I am waiting for the official version which will be realeased in some hours). This beta version is still awesome which is mostly behind the scenes operations. I like the look that is so different. 4.5 stars as for beta! cheers.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 18 June, 2008
I've got Firefox 3 now, and it's working nicely. Most of my add-ons still work, but there currently is still a bit of a lack of themes for this new version. I'm pretty sure that people will start making everything for FF3 now. Remember, we have until midnight tonight to download Firefox 3 in an attempt to set a Guiness World record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. Don't miss out on it. Download Firefox 3 today!

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 3 September, 2008
Google just came out with their own web browser (Chrome). I don't think I'll switch. Google states in the term of service (roughly) that it will monitor everything you do, and that you're probably gonna get more ads, maybe even outside of the web page you're viewing. Some people say that if Chrome will support some kind of adblocker, they'll switch over. Fat chance! I don't see Google blocking their own ads. It's their income! It's not like people pay for anything online anymore.

Comment by Ralph van den Berg

Posted on 30 October, 2009
Ironically I'm using Chrome right now... it's been a while (see the dates). Chrome is the only browser that doesn't run slow as hell off of a thumb drive. It's really funny reading over this after all this time. I'm still a dedicated Firefox user, but I have a bunch of browsers installed to test webpages I made. It usually breaks down to "cool it works" and then "now let's try to get it to work in IE"... It can be very frustrating, but usually I'll be able to take a work-around at the price of some serious performance. I just live in comfort with the fact that people still using IE are not too concerned with performance anyway. [note to the odd few reading this in IE- AND ARE INTERESTED IN PERFORMANCE- switch now. I'm pretty comfortable giving the advice: "anything but Internet Explorer"]

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