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Best Headache Remedies

During a serious headache, absolutely nothing in the world seems worse. Pounding your head against a wall will only make it bleed, and decapitation is no longer the instant cure- scientists now believe that actual death happens a short time after the head is separated from the body. Now the best solution would be to find a way to prevent headaches, but most times, when we're actually on the topic, it's already too late, and you're more concerned with curing the headache you have now.

So if you're reading this because you're trying to find a cure to your current headache, stop. Staring at a computer screen causes eyestrains which are commonly associated with the causes of headaches and even migraines. This is your chance to tell your boss you have to leave work early.

If you're living and/or working in hotter climates, then a very likely cause to your headache is de-hydration. Many people forget to drink enough water throughout the day, and end up with severe headaches. This makes you wonder if that aspirin you took with 2 glasses of water is really the cure, or the water itself. It's never too late to re-hydrate yourself, so get yourself a glass of water.

A nice cup of coffee might do the trick for you. Drinking too much coffee can cause headaches and more headaches when you're quitting your caffeine addiction, but a small burst of the good stuff might actually help the pain subside. Actually, many painkillers you commonly get from pharmacies already contain some caffeine.

Taking a nap is actually the first thing you should try, but now that I've just given you some coffee to drink, that might be a bit harder. Many headaches you'll get over the decades won't be the same as before, so you could try this the next time. I also don't want to get you into trouble when your boss walks in on you while you're K.O. on your desk. Many people debate whether sleeping is actually the cure, or that it's just the time that's passed that cured your headache; either one is fine by me.

So let's assume we've had our caffeine, and napping is out of the question for now. If you're head still feels like it wants to turn itself inside out, try lightly massaging it. Some hotspots you could try are your temples, the back of your neck, and all over your scalp. Just pretend you are your own old dog, and let yourself go. Make sure you don't frown (like your dog might) while you do this. It's important to relax, and that includes your face.

It might be worth mentioning that you should be in a relaxed environment if you're suffering from a headache. If you happen to be in a disco or concert hall with Metallica, it might be a good idea to walk out. Tell your mates sorry, and tell Metallica that I made you do it. I hope this will help you feel better, and if you are one of the lucky ones reading this not currently suffering from a headache, then I hope this information will be useful the next time fate deals you one.

What do you do for headaches?

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Comment by Antonius L. Zubeck

Posted on 7 August, 2008
I think you forgot to mention one very important thing: most headaches are directly associated with hangovers. Drinking large quantities of alcohol dehydrates your body; thus giving your that headache the next morning. If you drink sufficient amount of water before you go to bed, you greatly reduce your risks of a headache or hangover the next morning!

Comment by Barry Spencer

Posted on 27 April, 2010
The popular myth that dehydration causes hangover headaches is... a popular myth. Hangover often includes dry mouth, and people assume dry mouth indicates dehydration, then jump to the conclusion that it must be dehydration that caused the headache. (Nobody ever bothers to do objective testing to determine whether the hungover person is actually dehydrated or simply has a dry mouth.) Normally dry mouth indicates dehydration, but other things besides dehydration can cause dry mouth; some drugs and diseases can cause dry mouth absent dehydration. Salivation is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. Migraine can cause symptoms of sympathetic hypofunction (underfunctioning of the sympathetic nervous system) including dry mouth. Migraine and hangover are similar: both feature headache, nausea/vomiting, and photophobia (excessive sensitivity to light) and phono- or sonophobia (excessive sensitivity to sound); both are associated with alcohol, weekends, and late sleeping, and both are oftentimes relieved by administered caffeine. Hangover appears to be migraine, associated with and aggravated by acute alcohol. And both migraine and hangover appear to be caffeine withdrawal headache.

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